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For Heads of organizations, institutions and enterprises,
Heads of medical institutions,
Chairmen of the medical and professional
expert committees

Russian Public Organization “Association of aerospace, marine, extreme and Environmental Medicine of Russia” (hereinafter – Association) is holding the 10th International scientific-practical conference on the topic «The human factor and safety of professional activities in air, water and land transport”, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the foundation»

The Congress will be held from 25th to 28th of October, 2017, in Moscow with the participation of the:
Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Federal Air Transport Agency and the Federal Service for Supervision of Transport of the Russian Federation, Main Military Medical Directorate of the Russian Defense Ministry, Medical Service of the Air Force and Navy of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS), Institute of Occupational Health of RAMS, Research Institute “Aerospace Medicine and Military Ergonomics Center” of Central Research Institute of the Air Force of the RF Ministry of Defense, FGBU of the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation “Institute for Biomedical Problems” of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Military Medical Academy (VMEDA) them. S.M. Kirov; FSUE “Flight Research Institute. M.M. Gromov “, GBOU DPO “Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education” of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, PKU “Central Military Clinical Hospital. P.V.Mandryka “of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Center for Extreme Medicine of the Russian Federation, The main military clinical hospital. Academician N.N. Burdenko Defense Ministry and its branches, including 7 Central Military Clinical Aviation Hospital (branch No. 1), Central Clinical Hospital; Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis; Medical center of JSC “Aeroflot – Russian Airlines”, Central Hospital examination of flight test composition, “Moscow Scientific Research Center for Medical Rehabilitation, Restorative and Sports Medicine”, Moscow University for the Humanities, The Center for Professional Training of the Clinical Hospital UDP, International Academy of Ecological, Food and Medical Safety of Humanity Academician AA Kudryashova, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS), State Unitary Enterprise “Moscow Disinfection Center”, JSC “Neurocom”, NGO “Salyus”, “The Center for Medical Training and Certification” and other institutions and organizations.

The Interstate Aviation Committee and the countries of the Eurasian Economic Cooperation will take part in the Congress. Interested representatives of other states of the world are invited.

The working languages of the Congress are Russian and English with simultaneous translation in case there are more than 20 non Russian speaking participants . Translation from English into Russian and communication with English-speaking participants of the Congress will be provided.

The main thematic areas of the Congress:
• The state of the ecological, medical and food security of the society;
• Medical security for aviation flights and other types of extreme activities;
• The human factor in aviation and issues of ensuring the safety of flights of state, civil and experimental aviation;
• The role of the human factor in ensuring the safety of the activities of persons in dangerous occupations;
• Morbidity of persons of dangerous occupations and their prevention;
• Medical support of professional activity of air, water and land transport specialists;
• On the issue of providing adequate nutrition to specialists working in extreme conditions (pilots, dispatchers, servicemen, athletes, etc.);
• Clinical aviation medicine and issues of medical and flight expertise at the modern level;
• Organizational, clinical, physiological and psychological issues of marine medicine;
• Pre-shift examination of specialists in hazardous occupations;
• Issues of clinical medicine: diagnostics, prevention and treatment of diseases;
•Scientifically grounded practical application of natural multicomponent biocorrectors and nanobiocorrectors for protection of specialists from the effects of harmful factors of professional activity and solving problems of their life support;
•Rehabilitation of persons of dangerous occupations: pilots, air traffic controllers, astronauts, sailors, drivers of ground vehicles, specialists of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, law enforcement agencies, etc .;
•Person and alcohol, drugs, nicotine and medicines – problems of health and safety of professional activities;
• The role of trace elements, vitamins and biologically active additives in maintaining health and working capacity;
• Environmental problems of professional activities of persons of dangerous occupations;
• Sanitary and epidemiological support of flights of state and civil aviation, prevention of especially dangerous infections;
• Healthcare organization issues to ensure the activities of persons of dangerous occupations;
• History of aerospace, marine and extreme medicine;
• Visiting FGBU of the State Scientific Center “Institute for Biomedical Problems” of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Themes may be changed depending on the receipt of materials to Congress.

On materials of the Congress expanded theses of reports will be published. The volume of theses shouldn’t exceed three-five pages through 1,5 intervals at a font size No. 12 and fields at the left and from above – 3 cm, on the right – 1 cm and from below – 2 see, including the list of references upto 5-10 names. The name is printed in capital letters. Since new lines are specified: surnames and the initials of authors, the name of the organization, the state and the city at an interval 1,5. The second copy of materials is signed by authors with the indication of a position, a scientific degree, scientific and honourable ranks, and also addresses, phones, faxes and e-mail. The summary in total amount till ten lines for a translation into English with the obligatory name of work and instructions of authors, names of the organization, the state, the city is attached. Materials of reports and the summary in duplicate are sent.
Materials should be sent by e-mail at the same time: (for Igor Ziyatovich Gabbasov) and (for Vlasov Valentin Dmitrievich). In the absence of electronic mail, materials for the Congress should be mailed by registered mail with an attachment in it of a written version of the article with a summary in one copy, signed by the authors, and a CD with its text in the Win Word system at 115597, Moscow, Yasenevaya Str., 35, flat 72, Vlasov V.D.

Participants who wish to present their papers at the Congress need to inform their intention and details of subject of the report and necessary time (maximum up to 15 minutes). You can get the reference information from the organizers of the Congress by the following phone numbers: + (495) 303-4050 or 8 (916) 181-44-83 (Gabbasov Igor Ziyatovich) and 8 (916) 845-09-74 (Vlasov Valentin Dmitrievich). If necessary, you can use the fax: +7 (495) 303-40-50 (for Vlasov VD).

Materials of reports are accepted till September 20th, 2017.
The cost of publication USD 50.
There is a possibility to publish up to 10 pages at an agreed price.
Copies of payment documents please send on e-mail:
In case of Failure to comply with these conditions materials will not be accepted for publication.

Within the framework of the Congress an exhibition “Professional Health and Longevity” is held. For questions about participation in the exhibition, please contact I.Z. Gabbasov. And Vlasov V.D. By the above telephones.

Registration fee for participation in the Congress is 250 USD including publications.
The cost of participation in the exhibition is $ 250. This amount includes participation in the work of the Congress, speech, one copy of the Congress materials, the program of the congress, a visit to the State Research Center “Institute for Biomedical Problems” of the Russian Academy of Sciences and an event on the occasion of the end of the congress. A table and two chairs are provided for the exhibitor.

Participants of Congress and the exhibition can transfer money as per below bank details or in cash on arrival at the Congress.
Bank details of the association:
DOLLAR ACCOUNT: 42307840238125100535
Gabbasov Igor Ziyatovich, Novogireevskya str. 52/47, Moscow, 111394, Russia.

The congress and exhibition will be held at the following address:
Moscow, “Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis” at Volgogradsky Prospekt, 32, Building 5. Directions to the metro station “Volgogradsky Prospekt”, the first wagon from the center. Go straight along Volgograd Avenue about 5 min.

Addresses of hotels, the cost of 1 and 2-bed rooms a day, hotel reservation will be further communicated to all filed applications for participation in the Congress.
We invite You and interested parties to participate in the Congress of the Association. We look forward to mutual cooperation.
Health security in professional work, the life expectancy and performance depends on the medical support and compliance for the people involved in high risk professions.

President of the Association
Doctor of medical sciences
Professor V.D. Vlasov

First Vice-President
Doctor of medical sciences
ProfessorY.I. Voronkov

Vice-President for Science
State Prize Laureate
Doctor of medical sciences P.M. Shalimov

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